Frequently Asked Questions

Help Save My Life works on the basic idea that sometimes we just can't afford the medical care that we sometimes need.

When this need arises we hope that this site will enable you as a pet owner to raise the funds that are needed.

How do I create a campaign?

Click on any of the campaign creation links throughout the site and you’ll be prompted to register an account with the site. Once you’ve supplied a few details, you’ll be able to submit your campaign by filling in a brief description of why you need the funds.

This campaign is then submitted to our site administrators who will go through the submission and make sure it’s legitimate and correct before making it live and available for all visitors to see.

At this point your campaign will be open for donations.

How do I know a campaign is legitimate?

Every campaign is thoroughly verified before being posted to the site. That’s why we have an approval process. The approval process requires campaign owners to email legit quotes from Doctors. If anything seems out of place or the campaign owner cannot be reached for verification, the campaign will never go live onto the website.

The campaign ended but the requested money wasn't raised. What now?

Help Save My Life is a donations driven platform, meaning the pledges are paid out, whether the final target is reached or not. The target is the ideal amount that was needed, but we realise that SOME money is better than no money when your health is concerned, so all pledges are paid out.

How do I make a donation/payment to a campaign?

If you spot a campaign that speaks to you and you want to make a pledge/donation, simply click the DONATE  or MAKE PLEDGE buttons and you’ll be able to select from a pre-determined denomination or enter your own amount. There is no amount too little or too large.

Once you’ve confirmed your pledge you’ll be redirected to PayFast, our chosen payment gateway. Here you’ll be able to pay via any of their available channels including Credit Card or Direct EFT – whatever you prefer. Your pledge is then added to the campaign tracker.

How do the pay-outs work?

All payments are received into a holding account. Once the campaign has ended, payment will be made to the relevant medical practitioner.

This allows HSML to ensure that campaign owners are indeed who they say they are, and that all accounts are legitimate.